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56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bio Ingredient Technology Sdn Bhd (1175956-M)

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Selangor, Malaysia.


Legenze Reverse

Legenze Reverse, a concentrated beverage that contains very rich antioxidants. Engineered by company founder and his Japan R&D team. Combined with in-house Bio-energy Creation fermentation technology to develop this groundbreaking probiotic beverage. An age reversal solution that repairs cells codings, clean up free radical and defend the body system from unfriendly bacterias & virus effectively. 


This revolutionary beverage contains rich concentrations of Bio-available essences that include vegetable enzymes, fruit enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins. Producing COEnzyme Q10, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Lycopene. These antioxidants contain dozens of microelements and energy to efficiently activate the SOD activities in the body. 

Legenze Daily 

Legenze Daily is an excellent daily probiotic beverage for all ages, precisely formulated and produced by in-house  Bio-Energy Creation technology.  


 Legenze Daily contains highly Bio-available essences like vegetable enzymes, fruit enzymes, trace minerals and vitamins from fermentation process. Bio-Applications of live microorganisms, enzymes, and proteins to enhance gastrointestinal functions. Improving healthy digestive tract system and a robust immune system with immediate consumption.

Legenze MSE 



Japan's Finest & Premium Enzyme Beverage for Life Extension.


LIFESENCE embodies thousands of Nano essence that expedites easy absorption and activate the effectiveness of enzymes in our body. It contains nutritional and functional ingredients to help restore and sustain the full functions of vital organs to achieve Life Extension effectively.


LIFESENCE regulates the blood flow in the body, enhances strength and aids the digestive functions. Formulated with nano nutrients extractions from precious herbs and plants- like wild Cordyceps Sinensis, Ganoderma, Beet Root, natural brown rice, wild fruits, organic vegetables, probiotics and other healthy functional foods.


MerryTea is the formulation and development of Japan's Skincare & Longevity Concept. Originating from Japan's traditional studies of "Yin" and "Yang," MerryTea is produced from pure and raw high-quality plants. The company uses a conventional secret recipe to preserve the active elements so as to optimize the efficacy.


MerryTea is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that are highly effective for skin's aging reversal results and also health benefits. It serves as a must-have daily beverage for skin and reverse-aging therapy.


Mealtrify is an excellent NUTRITIONAL Replacement & Supplement for all ages, precisely formulated and produced by health management program.  

Mealtrify is packed with highly concentrated phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, soluble and insoluble fiber, enzymes, carotenoids, and antioxidants that are hardly found in modern daily food. Your source of these valuable nutrients is just a away.


Duriano is born with 100% authentic Malaysia Durian from the supreme species- Musang King, D24 and D2, incorporated with imported Arabica, Robusta coffee beans and Switzerland Creamer.The successful in-house formulated Duriano delivers a soothing, sophisticated and rich taste with a truly authentic Durian flavor. Malaysia, also known as “King of Fruits”, has been known to produce Asia’s top durians.


The supreme Durian species- Musang King, D24 and D2 is distinctive for its unique and strong scent. It is also the most sought after Durian species in Asia. Consisting of high protein, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, it helps to replenish energy and revitalizes the body instantly. It is cholesterol free and is rich in dietary fiber. To achieve optimal satisfactiion from Duriano, mix 1 sachet of Duriano with 150ml of hot water.